Behind the Stylist

Picture of Kyra at work

Like most people, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do once I graduated high school. I attended community college to get my basics out of the way but in the middle of doing that, one of my best friends presented me with an opportunity to get creative. One summer, my friend, Mallory entered in a fashion show for the cosmetology school, Aveda Institute. The fashion show was called "Catwalk for Water." They required contestants to create an outfit from recycled materials and the winner would get a full scholarship to the school.

I wasn't too knowledgable about anything hair and beauty at this time, but I knew I loved all forms of art and I was ready to help my friend win this scholarship. Together we created a Swan Lake inspired dress made out of color boxes we got from the school. She used me as her model and planned on doing my hair and makeup as well. We walked into the school and I immediately fell in love with the hustle and bustle backstage. There were SO many creative people gathered in this room full of mirrors and clouds of hairspray. I was in awe of the colorful chaos. It was then when I knew I WANTED TO BE A PART OF THIS.

A month after researching and contemplating, I brought up the idea of cosmetology school to my parents. Luckily, they were extremely supportive of my choice. But just to give them peace of mind, I still took my college classes online. 1500 cosmetology hours and many meltdowns later, I got my license and began working in a salon. Chasing your passion should never come easy. I am constantly faced with challenges but with those challenges, comes growth and I am thankful for them.